Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Silat Seni Ilham a.k.a Gerak Ilham

Already 2 months i didn't go to Gerak Ilham at Taman Jasa Selayang, because gelanggang Silat is very far from my house and it take about 1 hours to reach selayang from serdang, also the fuel cost around 10 to 15 ringgit (if i using my old Iswara if i'm using my maroon car it cost about RM20 :( )plus tol is RM 3.60 every times i go selayang my kepala jadi headache huhuhuh. Must be my sparing partner (Yusri and The Geng) thought I'm lazy to come or what to rest a while.May be in the month of june, i will see them and help the GIM to MOVING FOWARD (sound like toyota moto)

i have learn 3 martial arts, i thought i what to try Muai thai martial arts...
try a new way of arts.

  • Gerak Ilham Malaysia (GIM)
  • Pencak Silat Harimau Berantai Master Jak othman
  • Pukulan melaka



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