Thursday, April 10, 2008

MRP Problem

i having problem when extend a material to a new plant, at the MRP1 view, the system give a message " specify a valid MRP Procedure" i try to enter V1 but could not manage to save. is they missing configuration ?

Here a good solution given by SAP Gurus,

This is because Inventory management has not been activated for the new plant you have created. For each existing material type qty and value updating indicators must my set for each new plant you create.

Goto IMG-->Logistics-General-->Material Master-->Basic Settings-->Material Types
Activity "Define Attributes of Material Types"

Select your relevant Material Type(s) and go to the nested menu "Quantity/value updating" and you'll see the indicators.

Please also note that MRP parameters must be maintained for these new plants.

Let me know if this helped.




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