Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Ultraman Zero Movie Coming

Hot off the heels of last year's Ultraman Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends movie (Review Here), Tsuburaya Productions’ are finishing up production on a brand new movie featuring Ultraman Zero in conjunction with Ultraman's 45th birthday celebration in Japan. This new movie will be a direct sequel to the Mega Monster Battle feature film.

Belial the badass evil Ultraman from that movie is back, now with a pimp coat and calling himself Kaiser Belial. He's apparently even more powerful than before (which is quite a feat) and has amassed another army in hopes of universal domination. Ultraman Zero will once again team up with some classic Ultramen, along with some others to do battle.

I guess this is a bit like "The Empire Strikes Back" in the Ultraman world. If nothing else, Kaiser Belial looks even cooler than Belial. Who knew it was possible. The film is called: ULTRAMAN ZERO THE MOVIE: SUPER DECISIVE BATTLE! BELIAL’S GALACTIC EMPIRE. Quite the mouthful.

To really amp up the cool factor and help bridge the gap between the stories, the film will also be accompanied by a two episode direct-to-DVD feature, Ultra Galaxy Legends Gaiden: Ultraman Zero VS Darclops Zero. Essentially an evil version of Ultraman Zero. But apparently some sort of evil alien clone, not an actual evil Ultraman. Whew... Tough to keep up with! But definitely looks cool.

It definitely looks like fun and the Darclops creature looks like he might be a formidable foe for Ultraman Zero, until the big showdown with Kaiser Belial. Ultraman Zero has yet to get an actual TV show, though it's believed he may get one after the film's release in 2011. We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime this two episode story and the feature film should be enough to hold off fans.

Ultraman Zero will have some new weapons this time, including a lance and spark. Also the feature film will mark the debut of Ultraman Zero's human form, a character named Ran, played by Koyanagi Yu. Hopefully this means a little more time on Earth (or some other planet) and less time in the Ultraman home world. Anyway, it's an exciting time to be an Ultraman fan and I'll try to update when I hear more or see this film sometime next year.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Project eCore belum habis ERP pulak datang

Project ecore belum habis lagi sudah datang satu lagi project besar punya ... ini project ambil masa 2 tahun untuk go-live. consultantnya pulak daripada accenture... ini kali kedua berkerja dengan accenture ...tapi SAP Malaysia tetap the best...

Hari ini dapat e-mail suruh move to casting... aduh lemah tul lah... jauh tul nak pergi tempat project tu. tapi dari coe ke casting 5 minit je kalau tak jem. Bawah ini kawe letakkan beberapa gambar yang kawe ambil semasa di casting. ini gambar semasa kawe menghadiri training SAP ERP simulation game. Dalam ini game kawe jadi production planner.

dalam SAP ERP simulation tu, team kawe dapat tempat no.2. bolehlah .. team boss dapat tempat last... kekekekke



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