Sunday, November 2, 2008

Is it acceptable for men to wear pink?

It depends if your popular, then nobody can say anything

Men in Pink

No it is not acceptible for men to wear pink. Although, until 1920 pink was consitered a color for boys because it is a shade of red which was known to be masculine.

It's perfectly acceptable for a person of any gender to wear any color of clothing they choose.

A better question might be, Why would a person need to have someone else's opinion as to how they should dress?


Well, everyone knows that men went through a "pink-phase" sort of recently. A couple months ago, it was okay. Now, not so sure. It can come off as a bit gay, especially on teens. However, on older guys, if worn with mostly gray or black, it can be very classy.

Boys and pink:

The question is not "whether or not it is acceptable," but rather "when is it acceptable." Pink is not as in style for men as it was a few years ago. Even then, it was an extremely short-lived trend....maybe 1 season, and that's it. In a conservative business setting, pink is not acceptable. If you are bold enough to wear pink, it should be kept at a bare minimum, and I mean, like MAYBE a LITTLE bit in a tie or handkerchief. If you're some hot-shot executive with a lot of respect among your peers, then this could be different for you. If the business setting is more liberal, creative, or laid-back, then pink can be acceptable. Pink on men is much more casual. I would also pay attention to what shade of pink. Cotton-candy-13-year-old-girlie pink is not very flattering on somebody who wants to convey a sense of masculinity. Softer, more subdued shades of pink will probably be more flattering. Pink for a polo shirt can mean: you're not up-to-date with the trends, you're some t00l-b0x who thinks it's still hot, or Brooks Brothers found a really nice shade of pink to compliment the "old-money" look for those who want to look more contemporary. If you pop the collar in combination with the pink, then perhaps a quick glance in the mirror, or consulting with somebody you really trust will convince you otherwise.

hellz yea its accectable, but it depends HOW you wear it! tho. LOL


Its Ok to wear pink no matter how old you are as long is you carry your self well.

It all depends how confident about your orintation you are and where do you live.

I wear a pink shirt with my black suite and it looks classy and fashionable. Plus if you are fashionable in what you wear you will always be called gay, but who cares at the end of the night you most likely score!

Of course!!! Why would they have pink in the mens department at all the stores?



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