Tuesday, January 12, 2010

7 reasons to use AdSense for Search

7 reasons to use AdSense for Search

If you still use WordPress[Photo] search on your blog and have not tried out the improved AdSense for search, here are seven reasons why you should: 1. send traffic to lower traffic sites: AdSense for Search lets you specify a list of sites to search across.  Using this option you can send some traffic to your lower traffic sites by placing AdSense for search on a site with more traffic. When a user makes a search, they will get results from all the sites you specified. I have added the DigitGeek URL for the search on this blog, so if you do a search for a keyword like ‘nokia’ you will find results for both this blog and DigitGeek.
2. search results: If you are using WordPress search, you will find that the search results are displayed according to post date – the newer posts show first. One the other hand, AdSense for Search displays results that best matches a users search query.

3. opening of search results page: With AdSense for Search, you can choose whether to open search results on Google or within your own site. By opening the search results on your site itself, you wont lose your visitors.
4. easy to use: In many WordPress blogs, I have seen half of the post shown as description for a post on the search results. This makes it hard for users to go through all the search results. In AdSense for Search, the description is shown only a bit and so it makes it easy for users to go thorough the search results.



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