Monday, September 28, 2009

Nokia App : Pendulum

What is Pendulum?

Pendulum is a simple application that can test the graphics of your phone. When you launch the application, you will be greeted by just a black screen. The tendency is to touch the screen. And when you do, some activity starts on the screen. You will notice a red colored line start forming ovals and the ovals are being drawn over each other. The colors start changing as well. It starts from red going to orange to yellow and so on. If you let it continue, the application will form like a ball of yarn.

Of course, your curiosity will kick in some more. What if I touch other parts of the screen? And then, you do. Suddenly, it makes another orb pattern with the changing colors. Now, you don’t have to wait for the whole ball of yarn to be complete. You can touch the screen anytime. Also, try experimenting. What if you make a vertical or horizontal line? If you make your line shorter, does the pattern become short as well?

When you mix all these patterns together, your Nokia 5800 screen will be filled with rainbow-colored patterns. It is similar to colored sand drawings or those portable black boards that you can draw colored patterns to when we were kids.

At the upper left corner, you will see a big “I” which will pop the “About Us” window. At the upper right corner, you will see a big “X” which ends the application.

My take on the Pendulum

The Pendulum application tests your Nokia 5800 phone’s graphics capabilities. Compared to other applications, this is quite limited. There’s nothing much you can do with it other than create “ball-of-yarn” patterns of different colors. You cannot choose the color you want for the patterns. You just have to depend on the application’s succession of colors.

If you just want to burn free time on your hands and enjoy colorful patterns on your Nokia phone, then this is the application for you. Other than that, then it’s not much of an application you can impress your friends with.

My Verdict on the Pendulum

The Pendulum is a “nice to have” application but it is not much of a necessity. It’s one of the ways you can show your phone’s graphical capabilities. But the interest factor only lasts a few seconds.

The Pendulum application can be downloaded for FREE at the Ovi Store. Just register to access the site. You can also download this application straight to your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone by installing the Ovi Store Application.

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