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Here is One Reason Why the English Language MUST be made Compulsory in ALL Malaysian Schools

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With apologies to Mohsin Abdullah, for taking the liberty to transcribe his humorous and satirical piece below. It aptly paints a picture of the kind of standard we have of the English Language of our students today.

Now everyday I read the Inggeris papers to improve my Inggeris. Sorry. English.

I also say sorry to you all because my English not so good. Broken. But when my school time, they all say we must speak and learn with the Malay language. Easy lah for me. My mother tongue what.

Now everybody say Inggeris very important. Alamak always like that. English not the Inggeris. Sorry again.

I read the paper now, the very the many people say why English is very the important one, English also can help breach or bridge (so confuse. Susah lah this English language) international barrier. Got the people who say even China banking on English.

But now only they know that kah? Now only we know it is important? Last time when ask us to do all in Melayu language why never say? But never mind.

Now government want to make correct. Now maybe SPM also must pass English. I support the government. That why I agrees with the Pemuda UMNO who say retired teacher who good in English must take back.

Also teacher from Britain, England, New Zealand and Australia, (I always confuse with Austria. Mat Salleh country also make confuse). Brings them here to teaching our school childrens.

I supports but must slow slow also. If do now, fast fast student mati. Cikgu also trouble. Many teacher also cannot speak the English also. So I think maybe can start with standard one students next year. Tahun satu.

Then when they go year two can speak English already. So to makes them must pass the English in SPM ok. Fair what. They got time already. Maybe start from the kindergarten is also good.

For the rest student what to do. Like me lah. Just try the best to learns the English. Read the English paper everyday. Read the Star, the Sun, the NST. Got one more. The Malay Mail (again I confuse, mail and male).

Anyway we must talk talk in the English with the people when we go walk walk, eat eat in town. Don't shy shy one. People laughing never mind.

But I also wants to laughing when I read one news in the newspaper. I read the Star.I write again what I read in the Star baru baru ini.

It is like this. I copy straight from the Star paper.

"In Muar, Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said the state government supported the call for English to be made a compulsory pass subject for the SPM.

He said although the state had protested against the teaching of Science and Mathmatics in English, the subject was important for Malaysians to master."

So if the Inggeris, sorry, English subject is important for Malaysians to master, why protest? That why I laughing.
Note: The writer, MOHSIN ABDULLAH , is Editor-in-chief, News and Current Affairs, ntv7 & 8TV. He says he started schooling in 1962 in an English medium school. For that, he thanked his parents for the opportunity and he thanked also the authorities for allowing English medium schools to continue to exist then.

Source ~ Malaysians Unplugged



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